For the love of the land by Olly

As spring continues all around us, barrelling ever onwards towards summer, it is with a tinge of regret that I take my morning walks, the beauty of nature contrasted sharply against the to-do list tugging at my sleeve. I often

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Drilling the Crops at Trelonk Farm

Drilling the Crops

Finally, after months of research, planning and organising, our crops were drilled into the ground over the course of last weekend. Satisfying as it is to see them go in, the feeling is elevated all the more by the near-perfect

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Trelonk Farm

Weather & Wildflowers

As the weather wrestles between sunshine and showers, gales and gusts, we too are continuing to wrestle with the elements, waiting with optimism for a break in the cycle. Drilling crops, as mentioned last week, is a game fraught with

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Rolls Royce Aircraft Engine - Spitfire Project. The Parnall Aircraft Company

Spitfire Project Update

It has been quite an exciting for the Parnall Aircraft Company this week, with the arrival of new workshop equipment and the inaugural christening of our new crew room. A great one for us engineers is the arrival of a

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Spitfire MkVb Restoration

Our restoration of Spitfire MkVb, BL688 continues in earnest. The last month has seen work progress on Frame 5 with the fabrication and initial fitting of the closure pieces for the outer side members. The side members came to us

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