Plant Nostalgia

As another busy week on the farm draws to a close, and the seasons switch as seemingly as night gives way to day, it is worth remembering where we’re headed and where we’ve come from. You’ll have to forgive the

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Cattle at Trelonk

Custodians of the Countryside

Trelonk welcomed visitors to the farm this week, providing us with the perfect opportunity to discuss our project and methods with the current crop of custodians of the countryside. Move over you lot, we’re coming for you and we’re shaking things

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Parnall Panther Project

Update from the Parnall Panther Project

When building any sort of large object, whether it be a boat, a house, a bridge or an aircraft, serious thought needs to be given to the order of procedure. Without this sort of planning, it’s easy to waste time

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Ducks on the River Fal

Shades of Brown and Green

Looking out over the farm this morning it struck me, the predominant colours I can see are brown and green. The brown of the earth still visible between rows of germinating plants, the greens of hedgerow trees and shrubberies spilling

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Roses at Trelonk Farm

Growing Crops and thumbs up for our roses!

On the farm this week, our crops continue their development and our rose stock gets its first ‘thumbs-up’ from the experts! After the rapid emergence of our crops over the past couple of weeks, one could be forgiven for thinking

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