Panther Project

Looking back by Simon of the Panther Project

The world has seen great changes since the Panther was originally conceived and built by George Parnall & Sons. The variety and availability of media for transmitting a message has expanded enormously and it is useful to consider how we can

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How the media can help our PBE project by Matt

Communication & media outlets are powerful tools used to disseminate information, and potentially deliver messages to the masses, or more often in the current day, targeted markets. For a company like PBE™ with grand aspirations of commercialising the HEMPOSITE™ building system, these communications

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Parnall Aircraft Company Ltd

Spitfire Project Update 6.9.19

This week has seen the fuselage as a bare skeleton for the last time.  The first of the painted skin panels have arrived back from painting and will start to be rivetted on. The green panels are fitted in the

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Glulam – what is it all about?

Glulam™ stands for Glue Laminated Timber. At a very basic level this means connecting a number of smaller pieces of timber together to make larger, single components. It is a way of manufacturing timber elements that cannot be easily sourced in

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Spitfire Project Update 30.8.19

This week has seen the fuselage “undressed” as the skins have been removed for painting. This will also allow easier access to the cockpit area for the installation of the controls. David has been busy riveting the multitude of stiffeners

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