Nature Positive Business is Profit Positive

As governments and businesses look to stimulate growth in the aftermath of Covid-19, a new study from the World Economic Forum found that ‘nature-positive’ solutions can create 395 million jobs by 2030.

The Future of Nature and Business Report provides blueprints for businesses to tap into a $10.1 trillion business opportunity, focusing on industry actions that are nature-positive, meaning that they add value to nature.

The report includes many real world examples where business outcomes have been improved by nature-positive outcomes. For example, smart farming utilising sensors and satellite imagery in Indonesia improved crop yields on average by 60% and in Vietnam, people living in coastal communities doubled their incomes after the restoration of critical mangroves.

Of particular interest is the reports data on precision agriculture. According to the WEF, over 4.3 million jobs and US$195 billion in business opportunities can come from precision-agriculture technologies by 2030. With 40% improvements in yields expected, investments in these technologies and methods can yield returns of over 10%.

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, quoted in the report, said  “Whilst there is still uncertainty in how COVID-19 will unfold, we must recognize this as an opportunity to accelerate efforts to put nature at the centre of all decision-making… there will be no jobs or prosperity on a dead planet!”

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