Defining the Initial Target Market for Trelonk by Toby

The products we are developing at Trelonk Farm are not targeted at a specific demographic but instead we plan to target a broad range of people united under the intention of improving personal and environmental wellbeing.

The nutraceutical oil seeds are primarily targeted at those who are health conscious but also those who are passionate about the natural environment. In order to reach this market our oils must go through meticulous testing phases, as with any agricultural goods, to ensure the quality of these are fit for market. In farming this can be of paramount importance because even factors such as the weather can have an impact on quality. In practice, this could determine whether seed goes into high end boutique products or bird seed. We do, however, manage the risk to reduce the chances of this happening.

Firstly we select crops suited to the area and climate and then closely monitor them throughout the growing season and into the harvest and storage period. All in all, this helps us minimise risk and maximise our chances of reaching our intended target market.

Rose production on the farm is an aspect where the target is to produce boutique products from the rosewater hydro sol extracted from the petals. However, we are still developing this part of the farm and looking at different options for the extraction process which could affect our intended market. The potentiality of rose petals are vast, from confetti to Turkish delight and skincare products, there are so many opportunities when it comes to this crop.

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