PBE & Hemposite® Project Update by Matt

All good projects start with a great design which is exactly how the Hemposite® system was established. The next crucial step on the journey from design to a complete prototype showcase, fully certification and market ready production, requires careful planning, research and support from industry experts.

In the UK, it is estimated 12% of construction takes place offsite – a market value of £1.5 billion – which is set to grow. The government intends for 100,000 new modular homes to be built during the next parliament. It is therefore crucial that these pre-manufactured homes are well manufactured and perform to the highest standard. Offsite housing with certification from BRE Global will demonstrate integrity.

Modern methods of construction offer new ways of building sustainably, productively and efficiently. With a pressing need for more UK housing stock the construction industry is looking to capitalise on advances in smart construction including: volumetric constructions, sub-assemblies, components, pods, panelised systems, site-based MMC and on-site efficiency methods.

The benefits of modular construction across the supply chain are well chronicled:

  • Speed of construction – an indoor production line which is not affected by adverse weather.
  • Consistent high quality – guided by certification, numerous aspects of quality can be controlled more easily in a factory-built environment e.g. acoustic, durability, fire, security, resilience, structural, sustainability and wellbeing.
  • Skilled workforce – offsite housing is not as affected by the shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry.
  • Flexibility – modular constructions can be assembled and disassembled for relocation, refurbishment and re-use.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Quicker return on investment.
  • Reduced waste – factory production brings about design consistencies to minimise the waste of components. WRAP believes this to be as much as 70-90% waste savings.
  • Environmentally friendly – the reduced time on actual building sites provides a less intrusive environment for surrounding businesses, households and road networks.
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