How great design and careful planning helped to realise a vision for Trelonk Farm by Adam

Converting Trelonk Farm into an oilseed producing enterprise is not a snap decision nor is moving over to regenerative farming practices an instant change. These decisions take careful planning in order to give the best chance of success. What we cultivate is the culmination of careful thought and research to ensure we make the right crop selection for the soils and climate etc. of the farm.

Shifting our farming practices towards a more low impact, environmentally positive approach is also an incremental change towards the vision of a sustainable farm. For example, we cannot simply stop our inputs because we need to combat weed pressure and rejuvenate our soils, but gradually we can reduce those dependencies on chemicals in favour soft methods such as nursery cropping or minimal till. The long term vision is that the Roseland Peninsula becomes the centre of nutraceutical cropping, and renowned for the production of plant-based health products, but farmed in a progressive and environmental way.

Talking of careful planning (or moreover learning lessons) we have now sourced a Swather, an essential piece of equipment needed to row in the Borage crop next year.

Another week hindered by rain, however, our new assistant manager, Toby, has spent his first week getting up to speed, looking over the countryside stewardship application and also preparing our seed for a brief export to be cleaned. He has got to grips quickly with the vision and is looking into next seasons crop rotation as well, a very welcome support to me. (Image © Trelonk Ltd)

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