Health & Well Being in Homes by Matt

Parnall Bio-Engineering Limited (PBE) has designed a new modular building concept called HEMPOSITE®. The factory-built components are rapidly assembled giving rise to a versatile building structure that offers phenomenal structural and energy performance, environmental credibility and capacity to be self-powering through integrated renewable energy generation. We anticipate that inhabitants of HEMPOSITE® structures will experience significant internal environmental benefits that will have a meaningful impact on their state of physical and mental well being.

The key benefits:-

Significant whole life cost benefits
Superior thermal performance in line with Passiv Haus
Reduced thermal bridging and regulation
Superior air tightness
Increased acoustic performance
Long clear span capability without a pitched roof to maximise internal space and open plan living
Off-Grid heating & power provision
Innovative Passive Ventilation Systems and enhanced air quality
Sustainable material construction and peace of mind

Our home, both the location and the physical building itself, influences almost every aspect of our lives – from how well we sleep, to how often we see friends, to how safe and secure we feel. If we want to improve the health and well being of individuals, families and communities, there can hardly be a more important place to start than the home: it is where most people spend most of their life.

Much work has been carried out on establishing the links between poor housing and ill health, and increasingly on the links between sustainable, well-designed homes and better health and wellbeing in residents. However, this evidence has not yet had an impact on the market.

What is health and well being?

The World Health Organisation defines health not as merely the absence of ill-health but as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being”. Therefore, we have interpreted “health and well being” to include social, psychological and physical factors.

Physical health can be described as the absence of disease, as well as the optimal functioning of our body.

Mental health is about much more than just the absence of mental illness: it encompasses positive issues such as peace of mind, contentment, confidence and social connection. Social well being is determined by the strength of an individual’s relationships and the way in which they function within their community.

It is important to note that health and well being are influenced by a complex combination of genetics, behaviour and environmental factors. The built environment and professionals who work in this sector do not have an influence on all of these factors, but they do play a crucial enabling role.

(Image © Parnall BioEngineering & Green Building Council )

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