Well being and the leisure industry by Sol

Youth tourism was once, one of the most underestimated segments in the leisure industry. What originally played only a niche existence is becoming a driver for overall social development in inspiring youngsters to grow in healthy ways such as “adventuring”.

Accessibility to these ventures has certainly driven the yacht and marine charter industry to deliver a taste of the “wild” and “off the beaten track” to their customers, accelerated by the ever growing force of social media driven advertising, such as extreme sports in locations where one wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take a flight to. The sense of freedom these experiences deliver along with a calling to cooperate with their fellow travellers is proven to aid mental well-being in people of all ages.

Youth tourism stands for innovation and sustainability in this market. Its preoccupation provides a view into future developments because young guests can be seen as pioneers in the use of new technologies and experiment with new forms of social networking and communication.

The majority of us spend our lives at work, turning our passion into our career can be all consuming in a positive way of life. When those of us are fortunate enough to construct objects built to propel a client’s dreams and physically carry them over the horizon (like a boat or plane), the finished article delivers a rush not many other vocations will ever come close to.

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