A concept structure built using innovative techniques

Innovative materials to create a building of the future

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Parnall Bio Engineering is a new technology driven project dedicated to improving health and quality of life through engineering. 

We are developing a structural bio-composite system called Hemposite™ which aims to offer an innovative solution to the future of construction. 

Our aim is to develop a novel building superstructure concept which substitutes conventional steel and synthetic materials for a superior low carbon bio-composite material befitting of current technology and environmental obligations. Using an assembly of readily available components, our system would create a building envelope that offers phenomenal performance. 



Our aim is to develop a building method that both minimises waste and energy demand, whilst sequestering carbon within its material structure as well as being quicker and easier to construct. 

The fully integrated renewable energy technology offered by Hemposite™ allows the building to be self-powering through solar impregnation and exist anywhere in the world without reliance on state infrastructure. 

Our plan is to build a demonstration structure using Hemposite™ with a unique look and feel, lending a brutalist monococque design with a more organic feel through natural materials and colour. 



meet our team



Adam heads up Parnall BioEngineering Ltd,  as well as all aspects of construction and estate management, driving the design and infrastructure for all development at Trelonk.

As a member of the Parnall family, Adam has a deep understanding of the company’s heritage and through his skills and experience in construction has lead the project to develop Parnall Bio Engineering and its revolutionary composite materials with strong environmental credentials.


Matt Belcher, programme director

With over 20 years senior construction project management, concept and brand development experience, Matt started his grass roots up management career in 1996 reaching the level of General Manager for M & B plc’s Flagship site by the age of 23. In 2005, Matt left M & B, following a number of corporate project lead roles to experience a restaurant start up project as Ops Director, before joining Sophie’s Steakhouse as ‘Head of Operations’.

Matt founded Cow & Claw Ltd, a hospitality consultancy in 2006 and as Managing Director he has established a change management consultancy and business strategy advisory service, primarily to hotels & hospitality, but later diversifying into other sectors.