Well being – the subtle art of being a better you! by Johnny

Well being is a funny term, perhaps even a bit of a polarising term. Depending on who you mention it to, they will either label you as a “new age hippie-type”, discount you altogether, or listen very intently to what you have to say next – because you are probably from Google or some other “radical” dot com organisation.

But the thing is, well being is just a word that is very subjective in its nature. Yes, despite having a very clear dictionary definition, we still like to make up our own meanings for the word. The problem is that everybody has their very own definition for what it means to be in “the state of feeling healthy and happy”.

Sure, we can all probably agree on the fact that feeling sick or having aches probably DOESN’T fit that definition very well, but after that, things tend to get a little fuzzy. For some, a feeling of ZEN might fit, others may say to feel healthy and happy they have to go for a run every morning, whilst another group may feel great with no movement at all. The list and combinations are, as you can imagine, almost endless.

Trying to measure and quantify “Well being” is therefore quite hard, although not impossible. One of the problems with western culture is we like to compartmentalise everything, divide things up and look at them individually. There is nothing wrong with this methodology (or any other methodology), until it becomes dogma. One example of this is if you have a headache, most people may pop a pain killer and poof – away goes the headache. Great we can now FORGET about the matter…

Another view might be to look at the CAUSE of the headache, perhaps take a HOLISTIC approach to the matter. Is the cause from lack of drinking water? Is it posture? Is it too much stress? Is it dietary, is it all of the above? Holistic really means looking at EVERYTHING as connected, or the sum of the whole. With medicine this term refers to the treatment of the whole person as opposed to just the symptom being demonstrated. Being holistic in your approach to life tends to lead you on a path to well being!

Putting well being high on your importance list means you are putting yourself first. If you feel great, you perform better. If you feel great, you make BETTER decisions. If you feel great, generally life just delivers MORE to you, and FOR you. Think how many less arguments, fights, disasters might have happened if everyone on the planet felt wonderful? Why wouldn’t you put well being first?

Hippy new-age, or an important methodology for living a fuller and healthier life? You choose, it’s your life – just don’t ruin it for others because you have a word association aversion to the 60’s, knitwear, flared jeans and an over popularized peace sign. Peace out ?

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