Spitfire Update – 25.10.19

Parnall Aircraft Company

This week has seen a full compliment in the wing shed where progress is making good ground. The starboard wing spar/web assembly is now being bolted & riveted up for the final time, along with the correctly aligned nose ribs. This will then await the wheeled skins which will be riveted to them.

Parnall Aircraft Company

The port assembly is nearing the time it will be taken apart for paint and the same processes carried out. A good indication that the weather is changing is noting the differing levels of clothing worn!

Parnall Aircraft Company     Parnall Aircraft Company

The tail unit is becoming a more solid structure with the missing parts being fabricated and riveted in. The cockpit door has been manufactured with the all important crowbar attached. David has been attempting to juggle jelly and plait fog whilst starting the assembly of the front windscreen as it seems you need three hands and a sky hook. Some photos and information from Duxford helped us with this task.

Parnall Aircraft Company


The engine that is going to be fitted has begun its initial strip and clean, with certain parts needing to be removed as they are not Spitfire specific. The propeller has also begun to be worked on, with initial decorroding taking place before paint. (Images © Parnall Aircraft Company Ltd)

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