The Value Proposition for Trelonk Farm by Toby 

Potential Trelonk Oil Product Range

At Trelonk we are developing a range of plant derived products, the origin of which are heavily tied to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Their value proposition is based in the strength of their benefits in terms of environmental and nutritional qualities.

From encouraging healthy hair and skin to relieving depression and stress, our nutraceutical oil range, will be cold pressed from the highest quality produce grown on site. They provide natural, local and traceable alternatives to current over the counter cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. While some health products come at a cost environmentally, Trelonk natural oils are ensured to promote and protect the natural environment.

The oil crops we grow have been carefully chosen to not only provide a wealth of extraordinary health benefits but also to enhance the natural landscape on site. This means by producing these crops we can encourage biodiversity to thrive, in turn rejuvenating our natural resources to aid us in providing you with eco-friendly and highly sustainable products.

Our crops not only have the potential to be used in the nutraceutical products but also in the construction industry through the use of bio-composite materials. The building industry has a long-standing reputation for a lack of sustainability due to a reliance on products such as concrete and polymers. We aim to challenge this by offering a product to customers that they can buy with a clean ecological conscience. We argue that our bio-composites are not only sustainable to produce but actively improve the natural environment during production. In comparison with other crops, hemp is unrivalled in removing greenhouse gases such as CO2 and in addition attracts wild fauna in abundance generating exceptionally high biodiversity levels.  (Image © Trelonk Ltd )

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