Spitfire Update 27.11.19

This week has seen David & Lawrence complete the aft fuselage repairs enabling the rudder to be trial fitted. This has involved some careful measuring to ensure that everything points in the direction it should! The newly made parts will now be removed for paint after which the assembly will be riveted together and attached to the main fuselage.


In the wing shed great progress is being made as the port wing spar/ web has been painted and is now in the process of being assembled. The starboard wing is continuing its build with the manufacture of the difficult but essential structure required around the wheel and gun bay areas. The work on both wings is being carried out by Chris, Laurent, Murphy & Kian.


The cockpit area is slowly coming to life with components being added like the undercarriage selector and radio contactor. The tubular engine mount is being trial assembled so as to work out fastener lengths etc. The mount will then be attached to the main fuselage so as to check it’s correct rigging before being dismantled for paint.

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