Parnall Panther Update by Simon

This week has been about fairing profiles, particularly the bulge on the rear fuselage. Due to the pilot sitting higher out of the aircraft, this needs to be taken in to account when air passes around the aircraft during flight.

We have been producing two forms per profile out of chipboard, to help bend the stiffeners around the internal and external perimeters. Focusing on attaching the stiffeners with case mate and stapling them afterward to secure them in place. This has been a great way of avoiding too many clamps being used. Our beautifully designed and practical workbenches are coming into their own once more with use of adjustable formers and ridging clamps. This help hold the stiffeners down and help keep its shape.

Our next venture is eliminating some of the mystery within the cockpit area. Especially the technicalities of the rigging system and we might even do a bit of forging! Stay tuned…

A few images from our progress, steam bent pieces of ash, using our workbenches to pin down the stiffeners into place on the CNC cut profiles. (Photos copyright Panther Project)




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