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Designing the electric boat of the future

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Innovative control

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Designing the electric boat of the future

We are designing a small, elegant, contemporary modular, bio-composite, electric boat with an electric propulsion system, called “Whispa”. The controls will be designed to be user friendly and easily adaptable to be used commercially or recreationally.  

We aim to disrupt the conventional boat ownership model, harnessing the advancement of electric power and battery endurance, with particular benefits for use in environmentally sensitive areas. 

Parnall Whispa

Innovative DESIGN

We are creating an iconic design with exceptional usability and can be easily transported on a trailer. Electrically propelled and chargeable using grid source power, it will be equipped with GPS to aid the dynamic positioning features. 

The power source will be Lithium-ion cells in expandable modular blocks with range and performance upgrades available. The detachable control module will provide all the necessary information clearly for the user and a divers sized watch will have the ability to be a portable controller. 

Helping the Environment

No-one can defend the huge amount of static and unused boats that pepper every coastline around the globe. These craft are expensive to both the owner and the environment in terms of build, operation and the long impact of a lack of maintenance. It should not cost the earth to enjoy time on the water and the Parnall Whispa, we hope will be particularly accessible to many who would normally find boat ownership and use out of their reach.

The Parnall Whispa with its silent performance and environmentally sound design will enable it to be suitable for use in sensitive areas. Our lease scheme for the boat will aim to open use for relatively inexperienced boat operators and those without the time to maintain their own boat. 

It aims to address concerns about affordable marine activities which lead to waste, increased consumption of energy and capital tie-up. The name Whispa is taken from the flock of Snipe, which are silent, beautiful, Northern European water based birds.

meet our team


Sol Redman-Stainer – Marine Consultant

Sol acts as a consultant on our marine project to develop a hybrid marine craft which he manages alongside his business in yacht survey.

He is a member of the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association (YDSA) and the British Marine Surveyors Europe (BMSE) and he started his training with Cockwells.

His interest in boats stems from his father who taught him traditional boat building and his career has included yacht survey work, traditional boat restoration and as 11 years as a project manager for Rustler Yachts where he developed skills in the repair of a range of craft.

Always keen to develop his knowledge in new marine technology, he is now using all of his skills and experience along with his deep understanding of boats to help design the boat of the future.


Simon Holman – Marine Consultant

Simon brings extensive skills in CAD and reverse engineering.  His experience has been gained particularly in the marine sector; recently working on a range of machine cut kits for boats.

Simon also works as a yachting journalist, and has researched and written about a diverse range of subjects relating to the leisure boating industry, as well as producing a range of ‘how-to’ articles describing traditional maritime tools and more recently designing a range of workshop equipment for people building boats from kits.

Simon’s previous experience working at Cornwall College brings an understanding of the needs of trainees in the engineering sector and a passion for working with enthusiastic young people. It has also shaped his approach to problem solving and working as a member of a wider community of interrelated subject fields.