The future of oil extraction with Super critical Extraction by Adam

Trelonk Farm is using cold pressing methods to extract oil from its crops (essentially is squeezing the seeds at room temperature), these oils are nutrient-dense and otherwise known as nutraceuticals, widely sold into the health, well being and cosmetic outlets.

But there is a new technology around known as Co2 extraction or super critical extraction. This highly technical process allows you to target and separate a specific compound or bio-ingredient within the plant material. The main reason for doing this is to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe to produce with little-to-no post-processing.

The process can isolate a particular compound, for example Borage, is a great source of Linolenic acid which is a vital supplement in helping to reduce blood pressure, Co2 extraction can pluck out this compound in concentration, whereby it can then be added to a baulking oil and prove a highly valuable and highly effective product.

Co2 extraction has also been proven to produce medical-grade quality oils, whilst also increasing their shelf life due to the sanitizing properties of the gas. First, we need to master the cold pressing but there are endless new markets and products being created through agritech, most of which people don’t even know they want yet. (Image © Trelonk Ltd )

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