Spitfire Update – 11.12.19

Congratulations to Murphy & Lawrence as they near completion of their qualifications. More on this in the Foundation update.

This week has seen the completion by Paul of the stand on which the built up propeller will be mounted. This will enable its full diameter to be seen.

The wheeled skins for the wing leading edges arrived from Airframe Assemblies and will start to be fitted to the structure already in the jigs. During the Second World War, George Parnall & Co in Bristol, produced these exact assemblies under sub contract, although on a much larger scale.

David and Lawrence have been fitting the wheeled skins for the fuselage, these also coming from the same place as the wing skins.

The aft fuselage/ fin unit now looks complete, although it will come apart for paint before final assembly.

Finally last week it was mentioned that Murphy was producing stiffening angles for the wing leading edges, the picture below shows what 1100 holes looks like! All in all a very productive week. (Images © Parnall Aircraft Company Ltd)

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