Solving a problem for someone is a great way to start looking for potential business opportunities by Johnny

Take away someone’s pain, make something that’s hard easier to do, or perhaps find a way to relieve someone’s boredom – all perfectly valid places to start looking for ideas and opportunities to gain from. Of course, one needs to be profitable… at some point – but let’s not allow something as unseemly as profit stunt our creativity.

SARA is rather interesting as a product because she has multiple use-cases, as well as the opportunity to benefit from multiple revenue streams.

Some of our initial ideas for SARA were for internal rooms within Hotels or buildings that naturally don’t have outward facing windows. Imagine if all of a sudden you could be in an enclosed room or basement and STILL have a view out onto a paradise beach or mountainscape.

Other ideas included rooms or recovery areas within hospitals, as well as break-out areas for businesses – so people could take a RELAXING break as opposed to the mundane daily view of their everyday work area.

We have discussed the relatively banal, such as a wall in your living room, right through to having a SARA on the Mars mission – I mean, the same view of a Martian landscape feels like it might get a bit samey after day 760…. Right (or maybe that’s just me…)?

So, what is the common, shared thread that runs through the SARA project? What universal problem might we be solving with this technology?

Well, our sights have been set firmly on the health and wellbeing sector. We are specifically focused on being able to MEASURABLY increase one’s wellbeing after having spent some time within SARA.
Reducing stress, increasing one’s performance, making one just feel “better” about themselves, is a huge industry.

Just from a business’s standpoint, if you could MEASURABLY increase the performance or your sales team from just spending 5-10 mins in a room – what might that be worth to you? We don’t have all the answers – yet, but we are in talks with clinical experts to both define and refine our end solution.

And so SARA’s evolution continues… (Image © Twitter )

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