Trelonk are gearing up for the launch of the oils product range. The team are visibly energised by producing a product and bringing Trelonk to life for the public to see. Trelonk is a vertically integrated business taking product from the farm to the shop window, aiming to capitalise on the added value that comes from the uniqueness of owning each stage. There are only a few other businesses that can really claim the authenticity that Trelonk enjoys. The roots of the product are quite literally in the farm and it allows us to hit the mark of what customers really care about, quality, authenticity, and a positive environmental impact.

Trelonk have the benefit of specialist practicing within each department of the supply chain, this enables the team to really show off their skills and do what they do best. Rob Ayres leads the farm team and is busy planting a large range of specialist crops, from lavender to hemp seed. This broadens our product opportunities and allows us to largely control our own supply. Angus Joce, our Production and Supply Chain Lead,  is based over in our newly built and commissioned production facility, pressing last year’s oil seed stock. The new equipment he is utilising allows for the refinement and cleaning of the oils. Once pressed, cleaned, and ready-to-go, the oils will be sold as total extracts, topical blends, and carrier oils for tailored blends. Our newest member of Trelonk, Monika, will work closely with Angus to head up the warehouse management and take care of the stock and dispatch side. Kim Lahiri leads her team through product development. With a wealth of experience from the aromatherapy world,  Kim and her team are busy developing new formulations, which also include terpenes to improve product efficacy. Lastly, the Marketing Team, Bella, Isabelle, and Elie are working over-time to develop a website, ecommerce platform and marketing collateral that will capture an audience and generate sales.

COVID-19 has halted some of the most prosperous companies in their track’s, yet health and wellbeing markets have seen increased growth as people become more aware of the power of nature. Our Spring launch of our oils is an incredibly exciting part of the journey for Trelonk, as plans become a reality, delivering the inaugural product range may feel like the finish line when in fact it’s really the start line for the business.

We aren’t just an essential oil brand, we’re a science-hub for high-impact plant-based wellness delivered through nutraceutical crop production. 

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