Trelonk Ltd – Adam Parnall

Farming looks mighty easy when your plough is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the cornfield.”- Dwight D. Eisenhower.

As the Autumn months begin, the harvest is nearly all in. Over the last few days, we have leapt at the opportunity of sun and dry weather to bring in our last harvest, the Sunflowers. As always, this crop is behind the rest, however it will soon be brought in to join the Borage and Hemp as stock for oil extraction over the winter months.

The team on the farm have had a busy season maintaining the many herb plants we had planted in the spring; Feverfew, Peppermint and Sweet Marjoram, to name a few. Besides from general maintenance of the herbs, the team have been busy harvesting them. In turn, Phytome Life Sciences, our scientific partners, will undertake the contract extraction through SCO2 (supercritical carbon dioxide) of the bioactive compounds found in these essential oil crops. A result of this is building a library of anti-inflammatory plant extracts, which in turn will bring a level of innovation to Trelonk products moving forward. An example of Farm to Formula is the Peppermint extract, which is a likely ingredient candidate for the development of ‘Nutrafen’. A topical gel product that targets and alleviates neuropathic pain.

Besides from harvesting and extracting, plans are afoot for the crop selection and rotation of next year, with sole focus of mitigating weed pressure. This is a common nuisance with novel oil seed crops that don’t have approved herbicides. With weeds being a potential issue, we will be looking into drilling wider rows that allow for inter-row mechanical weeding. Product development and levels of existing stock will be the main driver for what we plant next year to ensure the commerciality of the farm.

Away from farming, Trelonk Estate is about to undergo a large construction project to make room for Phytome Life Sciences. With phase 1 of the new research laboratory building starting in November, the Estate will see a lot of change. Simultaneously ‘Argus’ a large agri/commercial building is being constructed and will eventually be the epicentre for Trelonk Limited business operations. Enabling works, including earthworks, new haul roads, site clearance, drainage trenching, and the dismantling of existing sheds are already in progress to pave way for the new building and accommodate our existing ventures.

At the end of this immense capital build programme the Estate will be home to very distinct areas of business; Phytome Life Sciences and Research Campus with a high security infrastructure and laboratory facilities, Trelonk Ltd – including the farm, Wild Cornwall and Molecular Wellbeing e-commerce; Parnall Aircraft Company and private residential.

Within Trelonk Ltd, TCT (Trelonk Cannabinoid Technologies) has been developed with the purpose of bringing scientific expertise and authority over the commercialisation of product innovation. TCT will identify market opportunities, provide scientific case management and strategic governance. Positioning Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing firmly in the clinical market, quasi medical space which we believe represents the most valuable market opportunity.

When we emerge from our winter bunker in the spring, Trelonk will represent a better platform for success and scale across high-impact plant science and commerce.

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