Immersive experiences to transform wellbeing

Making digital correspondence feel more real

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Immersive experiences to transform wellbeing

SARA will be our multi-sensory immersive experience with a multitude of potential uses. With sensory stimulation sourced from a multitude of inspiring locations it will match the natural rhythm of the outside world to you. 

Transporting the user, SARA can turn a view of a dreary rain-soaked London into a lush, tropical island punctuated by the lapping of waves on the sandy shore and the rustle of palm trees overhead. It could make one “feel human again” after a gruelling work day.

Making digital correspondence feel more

SARA incorporates a person-to-person experience through audio-visual links using TARA – Twin Alternative Reality Area. This provides the user with a full scale, face-to-face interface with full eye contact to enable a new level of communication. 

By dispensing with face-sized screens, TARA makes digital correspondence feel more real, and more human than ever before. It could be revolutionary for both industry and residential use.

meet the team


Johnny Pope – Project Lead – Small Alternative Reality Area – SARA

Johnny is our digital media expert with over 25 years of industry experience across an extensive range of digital platforms.

Prior to joining our team, Johnny worked at the Academy for Innovation & Research at Falmouth University working on virtual reality and a range of projects including a medical augmented reality system and a tablet-based game for a well-known music streaming service.

Before this, Johnny ran the web media company Into3D for 18 years.


Georg Finch – Technology Strategist

With 20 years of experience teaching and consulting for the VFX industry, Georg oversees the technology requirements and development for the Innovation department.

Specialising in stereoscopic and augmented reality as well as repurposing technology for novel uses, to realise the aspirations of the Innovation team.