Springtime greetings to you all. I am Katherine Flashman Kitson, a Director of Parnalls Solicitors Limited (PSL).
Parnalls Solicitors, in various forms, have been providing legal services since 1780, so almost 250 years. Our current base is in Launceston, the town at the gateway of Cornwall with a proud and illustrious history and a wonderful castle guarding us. If you make it past Launceston, then you enter the truly green and pleasant end of our fine country.
In January I celebrated 25 years of being a Director here at Parnalls Solicitors. 
I joined Parnalls as a Director in January 1996. In some ways that sounds an age ago but in other ways it feels like only yesterday.
How much the firm has changed and indeed the world has changed in that 25 year period. At that time, I joined John, Jonathan and Mark Parnall and was then a Parnall myself. I felt excited and privileged to join a wonderful firm with such a long and illustrious history and heritage.
I am by no means the longest serving member of staff here at Parnalls. Just before Christmas one of our wonderful members of staff retired days short of what would have been 60 years here at the firm. Can you imagine that she had worked here for just shy of 60 years. We think it is impressive when someone has been married for 60 years but people can be married until they die. I am talking about a work history and we don’t usually remain in employment until we die, well hopefully not. And that is not even the first 60 year anniversary I have experienced here. I remember celebrating another staff member’s 60th anniversary. He was a long serving Legal Executive in the firm who had joined straight from school and I know loved his time here.
So this leads me to thinking, how have so many employees stood the test of time and worked here for such long periods, including myself? What is it about this firm that has inspired such long service.
To understand that you have to be part of it. It’s like a family. The firm has a sense of history and tradition but is firmly rooted in the present with all the modern developments that one would expect of a 21st Century law firm and its outlook focused on the future and how we can continue to adapt to and serve a changing marketplace. 
The pandemic has been a masterclass in adaptation. We have had to adapt adeptly and in adverse conditions, as the world around us rapidly changes, but the constant has been the people within this firm old and young, long serving and newer members bonded together with a common aim. It is astounding what people, however different they are, bonded in common purpose, can achieve. Together we are strong and that strength only increases over time.
I can’t say I am going to be here for the next 25 years, but I know I will remain working here for a good few years yet, continuing to share in the firm’s development and acting for the firm’s clients, old and new, and striving, as we all do, to achieve the very best we can with them and for them.
So here’s to the future.

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