Over the past couple of months a number of things have been progressed dramatically.

David has been busy producing the new exhaust troughs from aluminium which will eventually support the engine cowling rails. To get the final position in place for the rails, the engine will need to be temporally installed. Murphy has been completing the final assembly of the tailwheel with its new innertube and bearings, this is now ready to support the tail once lowered top the ground.

A Complete Tailwind – 2021

Lawrence and Murphy have been working together to complete the long task of fitting the belly skins. With both boys alternating being in the cockpit and fuel bay to ensure they get the best position to complete the task, they’re both happy and proud to have finished this mammoth task which consisted of drilling several hundred holes, and deburring prior to being assembled into the aircraft.

Recently we have also seen a switch in the concentration in completing the leading edges to the wings. The lower wing skins have also had some maintenance in order to allow us to gain more access to rivet the upper skins. Moving around the lower wing skins enables us to ensure we can get a good rivet when securing the upper skins, however the upper skins can be awkward to rivet when they’re in position, especially to access both the holes and web plate. 

Once the wings are complete and can be removed from the jigs, the next thing is going to be for us to completely rearrange the workshop so each leading edge or “D Box” as they’re known will need to be trial assembled to the fuselage. This process allows us to do the following things:

1. Check the rib on each wing is terminating in the correct place on the fuselage.
2. Gain the correct position for the D Hopps which are all part of the engine cowling.
3. Shaping and wheeling the engine cowls 

We have big plans of getting the spitfire complete in time for the G7 in June, therefore our workload has increased and the pressure is on! Helping us get this complete is our newest member, Jack Lewis. He is excited with the proposition of working along side us to complete the St Ives spitfire and learning new skills on the way. He has been completing the compressed air tanks this week ready for their installation into the aircraft, I think you’ll all agree they look very affective.

Compressed Air Tanks – 2021

Belly Skkins complete 2021
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