Every marketing person strives for uniqueness in their products and communication. Marketers know that what most captivates customers is finding a truly stand-out product that they can tell all their friends about. Customers want to feel embedded in a brand story and match it with their own values.

Trelonk is a dream come true for a marketer. Uniqueness bursts from every corner of the estate – from the aromaceutical crops being prepared for planting, to the Spitfire being built right in front of our marketing team’s office. There is nothing ordinary about the scientific analysis being undertaken here on the efficacy of plant therapy and there is certainly nothing ordinary about dozens of young people beginning their careers by manufacturing a British flying icon.

This individuality has been highlighted over the last few days with two incredible photoshoots for Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing and The Parnall Aircraft Company, primed to help launch the new websites for the essential oils and heritage aviation brands, respectively.

Trelonk’s Sunflower Carrier Oil

Trelonk Molecular Wellbeing, launching in May 2021, will carry the torch for high-impact plant science and innovation in Cornwall with a range of essential oils that have been boosted with targeted molecules for specific human conditions. The list of USPs would make most people – whether interested in aromatherapy or not – sit up and listen.

Trelonk, located in the Roseland Peninsula and surrounded by the River Fal, enjoys lush, mild climate in which the oil seed crops are grown, harvested and processed. It’s one of the only farms in the country where it’s possible to grow the array of crops chosen to become powerful ingredients in our essential oils. So it’s not just beautiful, it’s also highly effective.

The product range has been designed to target the mind, body and soul. Power Through is a fast action pain-relieving oil blend using Turmeric and Lavender High Altitude. Head Strong is a mind-balancing oil entwining Green Mandarin and Rose Otto. Lights Out is an effective sleep aid with the powerful calming benefits of Vetiver and Sweet Majoram.

The oils are then boosted with active ingredients, extracted with world-class CO2 technology, known as terpenes. Our terpenes have been selected by our scientists for their ability to modulate brain activity. Most people will know that terpenes are scent molecules, but few will know that their powerful abilities could rival many synthetic medicines. Not only that, but the fact that they can be inhaled means that the effects of the plant can be felt in a matter of minutes. It’s the combination of plant compounds and terpenes that create the most powerful wellbeing solution – known as whole plant therapy.

The Parnall Aircraft Company (PAC) is a wholly different proposition. Unique in unearthing family history in the service of progress today, the company is committed to generating opportunities for young engineers in the heart of Cornwall. In the spirit of the original Parnall Aircraft Company, a pioneering enterprise begun by George Parnall in 1919, PAC continues to fly the flag of innovation in its restoration work – reconstructing a replica of the iconic Spitfire, in whose manufacture Parnall had a hand during the Second World War.

The website will be a glossy brochure site for the sale of the Spitfires with sleek pictures of the Supermarine Presentation planes that are so lovingly crafted rivet by rivet on site. It will be accompanied by a range of photographic prints from the Parnall archive – beautiful compositions of historical manufacturing and snapshots of an era when British aviation was at its peak. These prints, previously unseen, will appeal to aircraft enthusiasts and lovers of history alike.

Profits from website sales will be funnelled back into specialist training for the young apprentices in these historic construction methods, honing their skills towards future careers in engineering. The purpose-built aircraft hangar where our reconstructions take place is the perfect stage for training young engineering talent and providing much-needed opportunities for skilled individuals in our rural county. 

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