We have emerged from 2020 stronger than we were when it started, despite all the challenges thrown up by COVID, heaped as they are upon the other challenges of kickstarting new businesses.

Our core energies at Trelonk are focused on a seed to skin set of products based around plant technology and plant oils.  Production has started and we will be launching our website in late March or mid-April.  Our focus is on the high end of pure plant oils and mixes that have measurable and significant health effects. Register your interest for our oils – Interested in Trelonk? Sign up here!

Our Phytome laboratories for the study of plant genetics and pre-clinical studies are shortly to commence.  An exciting moment after two years of intense preparations.

Galvanising some of us at the moment is the commitment by our Aviation and Marketing Team, to show off our “St Ives” BL709 Spitfire at the G7 Summit in St Ives in June.  Extra hands are being commissioned to make sure that this occurs so that we can proudly display a finished Spitfire in front of the world’s media attention together with the young people that have helped make it all happen.  This will be a crowning achievement for the Team and will also launch our production of similar Spitfires to be sold to families and organisations that sponsored Spitfires during the War.  A legacy returning. If you want to keep updated with Parnall Aircraft Company please subscribe here: Parnall Aircraft Company.

“St Ives” Presentation Spitfire, 2021

Significantly, our Human Resources Team led by Leigh Setterington (former Head of Leadership at Boots) has been one of the many people in the organisation providing significant culture change.  This helps natural leaders and managers within the businesses to find their full potential as well as re-harnessing the power of up and coming young individuals, whether they have been long standing employees or joined us through the Internship Programme.

On a personal level, the year has been extraordinarily difficult for so many reasons, as they have been for most other people.  Challenges that had to be faced and dealt with without all the usual toolkits available within the constraints of lockdowns.  It has been an experience filled with admiration for colleagues who have sustained that extraordinarily stoic “can do” attitude in the face of those adversities.  At all times, we have tried to be sympathetic to those businesses around us who unlike us, have had to close or reinvent themselves – and that drama is not even yet over.

Never have we felt it so important to live in a strong community and celebrate our relative isolation as a strength.  Cornwall will change forever, not least because for many urbanites advantages of Cornwall and  the attractions within it, outweigh the distance from previous working hubs.  Someone’s home is now more likely to be their workplace and Cornwall will reap both the advantages and disadvantages of that. Our Property Department in the Lawyers is a better window to that migration of people.

A colossal uptick in transactions. Our Company is well placed to take benefit, not only from that but, the talent pool that will accompany it.

May we wish you a very happy 2021.  What we all thought would be a short sharp shock has become a slow set of dramas and I do not suppose that we have seen the end of them all yet.  For me, I get a vaccination in the next few days and I will be much contemplating what that means for me as it has done for everyone else who has also had similar.  Learning to live with confidence or continued nervousness will probably be one of the many challenges of 2021.

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