In January 2020, we were fearful in anticipation of something breaking in the world to spoil the party – not the internet as it happens – but universally and equally cataclysmic.

The update below attempts to highlight the key events in our evolution, both looking back and looking forward.

However, we are flourishing in this somewhat hostile and adverse environment and are living proof that new ventures in Cornwall can succeed against all the odds.

So as the first daffodils appear at Trelonk (a mild autumn I guess), we are reminded that from these dark days, spring will always emerge and bring renewed hope.  The holly berries are everywhere at Trelonk, but also mud.  Dark mornings and dark evenings bring a temporary brooding feeling, which will subside as the lighter days and nights wait in the wings!

We have some hope now that the much awaited and heralded vaccine will eventually allow a return to some sort of normality easing the restrictions upon us and unleash nine months of pent-up demand/ expectation/ travel/ unfulfilled anticipations.  How will we cope with that?  For many it will be like a starting gun going off but not quite knowing which direction to run.  For others they will know exactly where to run, but not where to stop.  I believe that this is such an unusual and unprecedented set of circumstances, that the world is not prepared for the recovery any more than it was prepared for the depths of lockdowns etc.

What happens in the world when supply and demand are constricted, is that something has to give.  If there is excess demand and limited supply, there is inflation.  If there is excess supply and less demand, there is deflation.

People who were previously making promises to re-evaluate their lives will swap back to “as they were”.  People who thought they knew what they were doing and want to change their lives will do so with dogged enthusiasm.

What will remain for sure is a fear of pandemics. At Trelonk we are investing our efforts and energies into wellness and plant-based molecular and clinical technology. A preventative against illness.

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