All go at Trelonk – Mark Parnall

As COVID has unwound, Trelonk has been emerging from its chrysalis.

We have launched three websites:

Parnall Aircraft Company Limited

Trelonk Wellbeing

Wild Cornwall

Powered by years of preparation and endeavour by those involved. Please explore the sites to see if there is anything there that would attract you.  We depend on you to help power us.

We have the excitements of starting a new construction programme including our 9,000 sq ft “Argus”, in which we will be centring the agricultural endeavours producing Trelonk clinical high end plant oils, extracted through cold pressing and CO2 super-critical extraction.  We have already constructed four small laboratories filled with exciting equipment rarely seen this side of Bristol doing genetic editing – cutting edge stuff out of sight, but not out of mind.

We launch another range of condition-led products soon, specifically to the clinical market and have an endeavour to prove how plant based health solutions can rival, if not better, other pharmaceutical solutions which have become discredited for one reason or another.  This is technically immensely challenging, but we are working with people in the NHS to identify those opportunities for us to continue to build on our product range.

To aid this we will be opening our first outlet/clinic – a designer pharmacy – in Launceston. This will give us a window for our product and introduce the ability to hold clinics with some of the very best clinical expertise.

We have also commenced the build of the 10,000 square foot main Phytome Laboratory – a massive undertaking for the team, and you can read more about this in this newsletter.

The excitement of seeing BL709 (the St Ives Supermarine Spitfire) nearing its completion is huge.  Everybody is proud of it, and we are coming up to the point where we are going to fit the wing skins and paint it.

It is strange going into autumn.  At the time of writing this the weather is balmy, dry and this can only mean that we are in for payback during the winter months. Such is the cycle of nature. It feels as if COVID is reducing to align itself with colds and ordinary flu as an occupational hazard of being a human being.  Time will tell, but there are a lot of people not returning to old habits and continuing to work from home, not visiting shops or tourist attractions. It is like the consumer market has adjusted downwards considerably – but those who don’t hold any fear, are playing catch up. Heathrow is 30% of its previous capacity, the British Museum has 20% of its normal intake of visitors, roads are jammed and crammed.  These are all things which could become semi-permanent adjustments.  Everyone of course is trying to work that one out, including ourselves.

It is hard to think that COVID is going to come up to its two year anniversary and where has that time gone?  Personally I cannot recall every part of the drama, but it has definitely left its mark on me and made me feel more fearful – more fragile even – just because so much news came in such waves of media assisted scariness, it amazes me that the whole drama has hardly touched some people where others it has changed their lives for one reason or another.

I am definitely one of the ones however, that reacquainted myself with the joys of owning a dog. Puff has been by my side throughout the pandemic and because I have been at home far more I have come to realise just how important she is to me and how of time spent with her is such an important part of my life. Puff is oblivious of course to most things but not the extra attention she gets, and now the disappointment when I start to travel again and as she see it – abandon her.

Have a great, safe autumn; November the 5th soon brings thoughts of Christmas; Turkey-less as it might be. Off now to scavenge for fuel, always ironic that you have to burn fuel looking for fuel.


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